Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Don't let go

Its so easy to have hundreds of friends in facebook. But do we trust each and everyone of them? Its stupid of me to ask this question.

The real question is, Do we trust anyone at all? Do we even let ourself to? Is it hard to make friends in the kind of world we are living in now? Do we talk to anyone just to get to know them better and not have any other motive? No, we don't. Its always when we want to get something done, we talk to those who can help us.

I've seen that people even talk to someone for more than a year and don't consider them as their friends. I don't get this. Things are so complicated nowadays that no wonder i see many around me who don't even want to have a conversation with anyone for more than few minutes. They don't want to get involved in these twisted relationships where you call each other friends but try to put the other down and win over everything. I feel very sad to say that no relationship is simple and how its supposed to be. Even Friendship.

But if you have that person in your life, whom you can trust and who trusts you without thinking twice and you call each other friends, consider yourself very lucky and no matter what, don't let them go away.


  1. True, nowadays everything has become so complicated. May be we take our friends for granted. This has worked with me 99% of the time, which means we never talk, but we still are best of buddies. When we get a chance to talk, we never feel that we are talking after such a long time. Sometimes few friends will say I'm worthless but then I apologize and things becomes normal again.

    1. Wow.. That s nice.. Same here.. My friend is busy with her studies right now and we hardly talk.. But when we do, its like we have been talking for days.. :-)

    2. ohh.. your's connects with my views in my recent post..guess i am not the only one going crazy...

    3. by the way I liked your blog's new look..its very elegant and sophisticated.. :-)

  2. Such a thoughtful post Kavya...well written...

  3. Flower of friendship like any other beautiful flower needs every basic thing to grow..some water,some sunlight,some care etc etc.

    And friendship is simplest form of relationship.