Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tired Tired Tired

I have been working for the past ten hours and can feel my eyes go blur every few minutes. Four cups of tea has not helped at all. Fact that I've not had good sleep for god knows how many days, is just adding up to tiredness. Usually reading few pages at night put me to sleep but that's changed as well and can probably finish reading a whole book in few hours nowadays. I'm physically very tired today but love that I'm occupied in work. I like this. 

Had to travel in a bus today to reach office and saw that people don't offer their seats to school children. This is so not right. Just one look at their tired face and heavy bags makes me feel bad. Also 'cos I've been through the same traveling in bus during my school days. Though it was for a short time, it was terrible.

On what basis do people judge before offering their seats? Can't we offer seats to those who look more tired than we are?It doesn't matter they are elderly or children. I don't know what people feel about this but to me this is the right thing to do. And i will follow this.

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