Wednesday, December 26, 2012

No more music

I have this habit of listening to music with maximum volume in phone. This might actually be the reason I'm gradually going deaf. But can't help it. Even if a particular is already one of those loud can't understand a word type, i listen to them in maximum volume. In earphones. This is good for me while traveling in Bangalore 'cos it blocks the traffic noise around me. But not so good when the cab driver is trying to ask you about the route and you don't hear it which makes him think you are rude.

This habit of mine once made my parents scream at me. Few days backs had a huge fight with dad while having dinner over a silly thing. So finished my dinner as soon as possible and locked myself in the room listening to music in earphones. As usual volume was at maximum and could not hear anything else. After like twenty minutes, i got a call from my dad's number. This was strange 'cos why would he call when I'm at home. So cut the call and opened my room door to find my parents really worried and scared. Mum just sat down without saying anything. Dad then got really angry an explained that they were knocking on my room door and calling out my name for past fifteen minutes or so and were scared i didn't respond. He was about to go round the room and bang on the window when my smart niece told them to give me a call and check. Which obviously worked. Dad was more worried 'cos i had just had a fight with him. I felt so bad about the whole thing.

I'm not going into the details on the long lecture i got from mum about it. I'll just say that I'm no more allowed to listen to music in a locked room.


  1. oh shit ...not listening to music is quite sad ..:((

  2. I think somewhere, transition from young adulthood to being an adult has its own pains :) But always, look at the big picture and it works out!!!! Also, watch FRIENDS!!!!