Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hero, Heroine, Friend and Driver

Last night on my way back home in the cab, was with my friend, who lives very close to my place. So we are usually in the same cab. Best thing about this friend of mine is she always knows when i want to talk in the cab and when i want to just look out the window and listen to music. There are days when we talk and gossip whole drive back home and then days when we don't say a word to each other.

So last night as usual we got in the cab and it was one of our "look out the window" day. After few minutes, she answered a call and was over excited and happy. Reason being, the guy she kinda likes was waiting for our cab just to look at her. They were both so so happy. He waved and she laughed. The cab didn't stop. He followed the cab in his bike for next twenty minutes and spoke to her over phone. I know some of you who are like me will be thinking "That's not safe at all. What's wrong with him?" But the lover boy obviously didn't care about it and lover girl couldn't say anything other than "Oh ma god, Oh ma god.. how sweet" :-)

It was all so Bollywoodish that i loved it. Was the first time i experienced something like this. I felt like those side actors or those girl friends of the actress in a movie, who don't say or do anything other than smiling. But i loved it. Was so happy for my friend that i felt like clapping and hugging her once the lover boy went on his way. I could feel her smiling till we reached home. What more could i ask for? Bollywood experience and my friend smiling at the end of a tiring Monday. It was a perfect end to my day 'cos i was smiling too.. :-)


  1. Hey this is really nice... Lucky gal Lucky guy...
    If they fall in love.. May their love come true!!!!

  2. Haha...i missed the fun ya..wish even i wld have been there in ur cab!!

    1. Yeaa.. :-) Next time i'll take a video of the lover boy following our cab.. :-)