Friday, December 7, 2012

Say Sorry

I know a kid who'll say and do anything but apologize even when she's sure its her fault. Most of us say "kids are kids.. its OK". Maybe it is 'cos they don't know the impact of not apologizing.

But what about us? We have knowingly done so many mistakes and hurt people and not apologized just 'cos we don't want to accept our faults. Don't we know that not saying sorry might actually make us lose a well wisher? We do. Know it very well but we've programmed ourselves to ignore the voice from within telling us to apologize. We argue, fight and try our best to prove we are right though the voice says "You are an idiot, its your fault" to us every minute.

This has got to change. Saying sorry obviously makes us a better person and not lose the ones who care about us. So why not right?

Not saying I'm gonna change right away 'cos this a huge change in my attitude that can't happen overnight. But really going to try my best. 

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