Monday, December 3, 2012

Yes or No?

Do you feel irritated when someone gives you a not yes not no kinda answer? Its like when you ask a friend if she would like to order pizza and her answer is "i don't know". I usually give a rude look and place my order.

I try my best to give Yes or No answers. Not 'cos I'm not interested to build a conversation and DISCUSS about anything and everything. Though that's my reason most of the times with few people. Almost most of the questions, we can give yes/no answer. So why can't we all try to make up our minds and not give "I'm not sure" "i don't know" kinda answers?

Examples :

Do you want uncle chips? : YES

Do you want to play hide and seek?  : No

Can you talk?  : Yes

Can you say anything other than Yes/NO?  : Yes

So can you say it now ?  : No

You see what i mean now? Its as simple as that. Try it.. :-)


  1. Stumbled on the post through Indivine. Your list of questions itself proves how difficult it is to say a simple Yes/No. Binary language is for computers, not humans. :-)

    1. Ha ha.. :-) But give it a try once for fun.. Thanks for reading Vikas.. :-)

    2. I am asking myself. Did I like this post of yours - Answer is Definitely YES