Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thief : GO AWAY

Its December and i expected few gifts from Santa. But from when has my life gone the way i expected? Instead of Santa, a thief has entered my life this Christmas at my work place.. :-(

He/She is stealing things like Chocolates, Cheetos, Markers and stuff. Few days back, bought a pack of those cute little chocolate muffins and kept in my credenza. Next morning, Its gone. How is this possible? 'cos i lock the credenza everyday before leaving. Its so freaking irritating. Just last week, i had a long interrogation with my niece thinking she's the one taking chocolates from my bag. Feeling so bad about it 'cos now I'm sure its not her.

I've been tolerant about this for too long and i won't anymore 'cos today my Tupperware water bottle is stolen. If any of you have read my post on my Tupperware bottle, You'll know what I've been through to buy that bottle. Had to let go of my made in china bottle, took a lot of advice and suggestions and finally made an investment on Tupperware. But now its stolen.

I have decided to draft an email listing all the things I've lost over the past two months and send it to the facility guys at work. Let them go through the feed from security cameras and give me an answer and get my water bottle back.

Until then, will manage with those coke or fanta bottles.. :-(


  1. santa laya kavya ke liye fanta ..haha :)) good day

    1. ha ha.. :-) Its funny but no matter how many times i wash the fanta bottle.. Water tastes like fanta.. :-(

  2. That's pretty sad... I can understand the pain as I too have lost many things from my desk and all that I stopped keeping things here...Someone stole my official trophy from my desk..can u believe that?

    And my lord Krishna' idol -it was my fav :( and many such things.

    I stopped keeping things on my desk and meanwhile made lot of halla to admin ppl and all that to ensure ppl take it seriously. Go speak out and escalate.

    1. official trophy too?? That s just horrible.. I hope your name was printed on that trophy.. Else the one who stole it will be showing off to his family and friends as his award..