Friday, November 9, 2012


Gone are the days when we celebrated Diwali for three whole days. Miss going to Malleshwaram ground to buy crackers, buying three sets of clothes for three days, scared to burst the first cracker and when it doesn't burst, being worried about the whole cracker box. Running around at the last minute to find a bottle for the rockets. Looking at the night sky which would be colorful only for those three days. Its not just the crackers and the lights i miss. Its the excitement people had few years back to visit family and friends on festivals.

I don't really see that nowadays. Forget about festivals, even on normal days we don't just go to our friend's place now. We call and find out if they are free before meeting them. We make plans to meet and don't keep up. 

Can we go back to being the way we were? Is it possible to go back when all we think about is the future?


  1. those were the golden days..will never come back..only they will be in our minds as cherished memories :-(

  2. seriously i agree ..from d past 5 years havent celebrated diwali properly even though every time i was excited ..really miss making rangoli colourful diyas ..lightings used to prepare snacks..laddooevery diwali ...gone r those days ..feel sad tht nobody is bothered nowadays..wht they r concerned abt is earn money,,sleep ..thts all ..

    1. Yes dipti.. agree with you.. Don't think we can ever go back to celebrating the way we used..