Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I've read in so many books about how forgiveness is one of the greatest power and how it makes us a better person. There has been days when I've thought about this and let go of my anger and hurt and spoken to those who hurt me. And I've never regretted those decisions 'cos i let go of my anger for those who care about me and didn't really mean to hurt me.

How did i get to know that they didn't mean to hurt me? Obviously by talking to them about it. I agree with those who say they can't talk to people who hurt them. I take my own time to come in terms with myself after getting hurt, think about what was wrong in the whole situation. Its hard to think about what went wrong 'cos we start thinking about who went wrong. Which doesn't take us in the right way.  If we continue to have blame the other person thought process, can never make up our mind to even try sorting things with them.

One other way that has worked with me in sorting things with a friend or anyone in that case is what i call flashback. Talk about the days where you both had lot of fun, talk about how each others ideas and suggestions helped, talk about things that made you both laugh before the fight or the argument. This has worked with few friends of mine who fought with me and things went back to the way they were after giving a tour to our flashback.. :-)

What I'm trying to say here is take time to think about it, find out if you really matter to them and give a try to sort things. If it doesn't, then they don't deserve to have you in their life.

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