Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Was in Goa over the weekend and enjoyed every bit of it. I did not spend much time taking pictures, just sat back and relaxed. It wasn't really about going to famous places in Goa, but i just spent lot of time at the resort and beach with family and it was great.

 I've changed my mind a little about traveling. Its actually fun when you have good company and don't have a planned list of places to visit where you are dead tired at the end of the day. Visiting new place every time you get a chance is great i guess, every weekend or month might not be possible, but i want to travel as much as possible now. This interest is new to me and i hope it lasts long.:-)

Here are few pictures i took over the weekend.


  1. Kavya congratulations...stunning photographs especially the sunrise/sunset and the ox on the shore...also the circular next or something...about Goa its a magical place...I went twice I want to go again...actually I like sea shore more than hilly place may be because I grew up in an hill station..

    1. Thanks.. :-) that circular thing is a lamp shade Amit.. :-) Yess.. Goa is nice.

    2. oh I thought it's a nest :D