Thursday, November 8, 2012


I have a friend who thinks people who love reading live in a book world and can't accept reality.

Being a person having more books than clothes, i don't agree with this at all. Most of you book lovers wouldn't agree I'm sure. But i do say that while reading, i go into a different world and think through the characters of the book. This does not mean we can't see the reality.  If we were living as per the books we read, you think we would be buying our jewellery from those gold palaces and other shops? Wouldn't we be expecting everything from the Tiffany.?

Lets assume for a minute that we are living in our book world. Would we survive in it for a long time in this over crowded city? Is it possible to have silky untangled hair after a long ride in our Bangalore? How often do you see a girl falling right in front of a taxi and being helped by a handsome man who would like to have coffee with her? In reality the moment girl falls, more than hundred people would get into a fight with the driver and forget all about helping her. We might be able to live in a dream world. But for very short time.

My advice :  As long you are in a dream world, have fun. Once you are out of it, continue having fun.. :-)