Monday, November 12, 2012


Is friendship measured through the number of friends in your Facebook account?

I can't even believe people measure friendship, its ridiculous that they talk about it as a subject to be proud of. One of my mum's friend proudly declared that her daughter has more than thousand friends in Facebook. Mum obviously had no idea about all this. So when she asked me how many friends i had. She was worried that i didn't have many friends. Its only when i explained about how people can accept stranger's requests and call them as friends, she felt better.

Another way of measuring I've come across is the way people talk about how strong their friendship is 'cos of the number of years they've known each other for. I can't agree to this at all. You can have a great friendship with someone you've known only for a month or two. Its also possible to call someone your friend for more than ten years and talk bad behind their back.

All I'm saying is lets not try to measure friendship. Its pure and not something that needs to be declared by us. Its like how they say about power. If we really have the power, we don't need to show it. Its seen. If we really have great friends, don't have to talk about it. The world can see the happiness of friendship in our eyes and smile.