Sunday, November 25, 2012

Try your best

Sometimes when we've been assigned lot of work or responsibilities, we panic, think about every single move, question our capabilities, worry about lack of experience in certain situations.

But we forget to remember that we have been handling few of the most important responsibilities very well. I'm talking about how we are trying our best to be a good daughter/son, brother/sister, parents, aunts/uncles and best of all friends. If you think i can't talk about doing a good job taking care of these relationships while saying trying our best, I believe and will always say that as long as we are able to put our best efforts into it, its working. We are doing a great job at managing all these responsibilities. 

As daughters and sons, we fall a lot, hurt our parents, make them cry, give them hell lot of reasons to worry about us. But there is always a point where we think about making them happy, proud of us and that's us trying our best and trust me it works.. :-)

As sisters and brothers, we get jealous, fight over things that don't really matter, make each other look bad to parents just to cover ourselves. But we do come to a day where as an elder sibling, you wish to see your younger one grow in life more than you. As a younger one, you wish to be just like your elder one and admire them. Though you might never accept this and talk about it face to face. 

I can't really talk about parents views and opinions as I'm not a mother yet. But the closest to feeling as a mother is having a niece. I have a smart and crazy niece who makes me think more than any of the current affairs do. I want the best for her. Want to change myself to be a better person just so she can get to see me a good aunt. Most of all i don't ever want to be an aunt who tells her what's right and wrong. Want to be that person she confides to when she makes a mistake and learns from it. 

At friendship, we always give in our hundred percent. We are completely ourselves with friends, no fake feelings, no real jealousy, no pretending, real joy over friend's happiness. 

Feel great about yourself for trying your best in life. Feel proud.. :-)

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