Monday, November 5, 2012

Pain post

If you are someone who thinks physical pain is nothing compared to emotional pain, you've obviously not gone through wisdom tooth pain. 

This is really killing me. Really. I can feel myself going down hour by hour. Not able to eat, sleep, work, watch television. Nothing Nothing. Even watching the stupidest videos not helping me. This pain is making me fight with everyone, get irritated for things that don't really matter, take the elevators, listen to songs which i don't  usually listen to, not smiling at the reception lady. I din't even have green tea today. Oh god. have i gone mad? 

Worst part of it all is staying hungry and not able to eat. Which is making me angry at those who are able to eat. That's everyone around me. 

P.S : If anyone comments " Have fruit juice" I will delete the comment.  

P.P.S : You see how rude this pain is making me? :-( 


  1. i hv gone thru this pain n still going thru sometimes as i hv a decayed teeth also ..d pain resurfaces sometimes ..difficult to eat ..n keep cribbing unneccessarily ..i would suggest u to take rest as much as u can .