Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fall and Learn

The lane i stay in is so dug up that it’s tempting to take a long way to reach home just to avoid jumping and falling.

Yes i fall a lot. It happened just day before. Around two in the afternoon, on a call with a friend, i fell right into where it was dug. Same night at nine without the street lights, i walked home without even kicking myself once. What do you say for that?

In the daylight when i could see the road clearly, i fell. At night when it was very dark, nothing happened.

I can't stop thinking about this. Do we fall even when we can see very well? Is it our fault that we take things so light that we go blind on the road ahead of us? Mum had told me not to talk over phone while walking in my lane as I’ve fallen many times.

This is another thing. Even when people advice us against something as they've seen or had a bad experience, we still go ahead do it and fall. Why?

I know why I do it. Would rather fall, get hurt and learn than never having to know how to deal with it. Many have argued with me about this that sometimes we might never be able to get up from the fall. To which all I can is, if we want to... really want to get up, we can. I can’t think of any other better answer than that.

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