Thursday, November 1, 2012

No tv today

Its raining in Bangalore for past god knows how many hours and its beautiful. Can't believe I'm saying this 'cos I never really talk about the weather and I hate rain. But today its amazing here. Long weekend, have a good book, mum to cook, phone switched off, chocolate truffle and lots of potato chips. All perfect except for one thing. There's power cut here, UPS died few hours back and I can't live without watching television for at least three hours a day.

So I'm right in thinking that just when we feel everything's fine, something goes wrong to make you realize that life's not perfect and can never be. But we need to understand that no matter what happens, this day will pass just like every other. And one day in the future we will think about what went wrong and smile about it thinking how much a better person we are today for facing it and learning from it.


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