Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jealous? You are fine

A friend of mine thinks i'm stupid to feel jealous looking at beautiful girls. My friends have called me stupid many times for numerous reasons but this is not one that i'm ready to accept. How can anyone think its stupid to feel jealousy? If you've never been jealous of someone, then its time to get yourself checked 'cos its not normal. I've been jealous of so many things and people that its one of those emotions that i go through very often. Very very often.

Guys feel jealousy is something only girls feel. Really??? So tell me.. Don't you boys feel the pinch of jealousy when you see a tall dark handsome rich famous guy driving your favorite car? What am i saying pinch? You guys would be drowning in the ocean of jealousy. 

Its just that i'm fine with it and talk about my jealousy but few hide it and pretend to be completely fine with each and every other person in the whole world. 

Just the fact that i'm fine by talking out loud about what i really feel proves enough to me that its not stupid.. :-) 


  1. Definitely I do feel jealous but it does not last long.I think there is a difference between the way a girl and a boy feel jealous. don't you think so?

    1. Yes.. Sometimes the intensity of a girl's jealousy might be more than a guy's.. :-)