Thursday, October 25, 2012

Don't ask me

I don't know how to answer when someone asks " What do you want in life?" Ask me what i want and i'll be able to answer in a minute with a long crazy list that would make you regret asking the question. 

Its when the word "Life" gets added to it, i start thinking about how i could give a fake answer that would make that person think i'm smart. I have done this many times and know for a fact that its not worked 'cos the other person has never looked at me with pride in their eyes. Clearly my fake answer was not convincing enough and proved my true colors. 

I've never asked this question to anyone 'cos to be frank i don't like it. Sure there are people who know the exact answer to this and maybe get exactly what they want. But no matter how hard i've tried, have never really got an answer to what i want in life. This does not mean i don't dream. I do. Ones that i try my best to make it true. Some may argue that we need to have one big goal or a dream in life to work towards it. But to me its not that way. I dream everyday and work towards it. It changes over time. 

All i can say is dreams are not about big small or medium. Lets just put in our hundred percent effort to make it true. 

If it doesn't come true.. cry, blame yourself and everyone else in the world, decide to never ever dream. For a week. And then build another dream.. :-) 

This is what i do and trust me it works. Crying and blaming for a week or two is the healing process that makes me strong to face anything. 


  1. i dont believe in d concept of making it big since ur childhood..take ur time dream big or small doesnt matter..wht matters is u hv d courage to dream things which u knw sometimes u cnt fulfil them..i was a big time dreamer ..hehe ..