Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I make lists for everything and anything. Needs, wants, grocery, clothes, movies, books, blogs, phobias and so many more. I even once made a list of emotions i went through or felt in a day. So you get the point. I'm a crazy list maker. 

It was strange that i never made a list of what i don't need. So here it is. 

1. Newspaper (Don't read them at all)
2. Pre University books that I've kept only 'cos my handwriting is nice.
3. Empty gel pens. (There were days when i could afford only the refills)
4. Nail enamel ( I don't and will never have the patience to apply it)
5. Net book ( Think i bought it just 'cos it was purple and pretty)
6. Chocolate wrappers ( can't even remember from when i have them)
7. Clothes that don't and will never fit me. 
8. So many pairs of old and torn shoes that no cobbler can fix.
9. Earphones, Cd's, phone chargers and i even have so many floppy disks.. no idea where that came from.
10. More than 50 sheets of paper scattered all over my room which has poem written on them. I say poem 'cos my not little anymore niece has written one poem (five lines) in all the 50 sheets. 

Hmm.. reading the above list, i'm thinking this was not how i wanted to write this post but its brought light on something more important to me at the moment. 

Really need to clean my room this weekend.