Friday, October 19, 2012

No regret

If there's someone you've been thinking about but din't have enough courage to make that call, do try to call or meet that person and talk. Its never too late. Trust me. Its not. 

I did call that person today and believe me it made a difference. To me and that person. Reasons for not taking this step way back is not something i want to keep in mind and think about 'cos i'm happy that i made a decision to break the silence and make things better between us. We spoke for just fifteen minutes. But its made a difference in my day and my life. I'm proud of myself for doing this 'cos ten years from now, won't regret not doing this. 

If you think it hurts your ego to make the call, ask yourself if you are ready to lose that person and based on the answer take your decision. 


  1. Its always better to to do what comes your mind rather thinking of the consequences..Well done..i really appreciate for this..

  2. Well done..i really appreciate for this..Its always good to juz do it what comes on your mind rather than keep thinking of consequences..