Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Don't you hate it when people don't answer your call, do not send a message to let you know they are busy and so would call you in sometime.. and then call after few days and say "You are so bad.. Why should i be the one to call all the time?" 

I just can't stand those who do this to me. So usually when they call.. tell them i'm busy and cut the conversation as soon as possible.  

Was talking to a friend of mine who thinks its always better to reply to a girl's SMS after ten to fifteen minutes from the time she sent it. I was so freakishly angry to hear this but managed to get the reason out of him. He thinks if a girl replies within five minutes to his late reply, it makes him happy to know that she's really interested in talking to him and is waiting for his messages. Now what can we say to that? 

I'm just hoping this is not how it goes with everyone 'cos that's crazy. You are just wasting lot of time. Don't you think? Say what you wish without having to look at the clock. 

I think its always the right time to say the right thing. 


  1. Hey I think ur frd is absolutely rgt...I hv a frd who has d same opinion..

    1. Oh god.. really? i hope this opinion change over time.. :-)