Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Fear of rejection and failure is something that stops us from getting better. I have in life till now not tried lot of things, not spoken to many people, never really took part in many activities like quiz, dance and other stuff in school and college, learnt Carnatic music for few years and quit just 'cos i din't want to fail the music exam. 

Should say things have changed a lot now compared to few years back. I don't think a lot when faced with an opportunity to try something new. I do take part in games and stuff at work and really enjoy it. What got this change in me? Time's the answer 'cos can't think of anything else that could have brought this change. 

Five years back i din't have more than three friends. Questions used to block my mind. What if i don't get along with that person? Why do i need to make friends? Will they judge me for my words and actions? Growing up i experienced that we do meet lot of people who judge us, whom we don't get along with.. but that should never make us stop meeting people and making friends.I did make more friends and got my answer to why we need them.

Life's just so much better with friends.


  1. True and now u got many frnds and im happy 2 be one among them :) Cheers :)

  2. It happens with many of us. Even if we have good skills or talents will not go forward to participate, may be due to fear or grown up environment where we don't get much support. Life changes and Life is better always with friends.

    1. You are right Lokesh.. :-) Life's great with friends around.. :-)