Tuesday, October 30, 2012


The minute i woke up today, was asked by mum to go to the bank for some bank stuff i hate. Obviously not a good start to my day and din't want to make it worse by arguing, so agreed. On my way to the bank the auto driver gives me the newspaper, asks me to read the main page article and tell him what i think of it. I was shocked and worried. Shocked 'cos this was bit strange to me and worried 'cos i've never read newspaper other than just looking at pictures in Bangalore Times. 

Was really worried what he think if said i don't read newspaper. You might say we need not worry about what people think of us. But i do care. So took the paper from him and pretended to read till i reached the bank. Am i smart or what? :-) Minute i reached, thanked him and walked away. 

But it doesn't end there people. Came out of the bank once done and the same auto was present and no other. Oh god..!! I can't put to words what i went through that moment. I got in the auto and started going through my contact in phone to look busy. But that din't stop him from asking my opinion on the article. Could've just said " Its a great article" or " I don't quite agree with it" kinda opinions but decided to get it over with by telling the truth. So told him i din't read the paper. he din't say anything till i reached home. 

When i got down and gave the fare, he said " Sorry madam, i thought you could read". How could i explain my lack of interest in reading newspapers to him? So just smiled and walked back home. 


  1. Excellent post...." Sorry madam, i thought you could read".. :D I could not stop but kept laughing :-) :-)..really hilarious..

    1. I din't know what to say to him.. :-) First time i get bank things done on my own and this happens..:-(