Monday, October 15, 2012

I'm fine

There are few things i've been thinking about.

Like how life would be a lot simpler if we start saying what we really want. It won't be easy but not impossible. Want to give this a try 'cos its really hard for me to say what i would like to. Like how i say "i'm fine" when i'm not. Its a small change but kinda sure of having a great impact if i can continue to say what's in my heart. 

Another change i'm hoping to make in my life is saying "No".  Just can't give a straight no to people. I agree to ordering Chinese food 'cos everybody else does though i don't really like it. If reading this makes you think i don't have a mind of my own and so follow others, you are right. I've not been able to say "No, I want to have bisi bele bath with potato chips" 

Will these small changes make a difference in my life? Time will tell. 


  1. It's an excellent post. This is what I like about your writing,very little words but powerful thoughts..which leaves an everlasting effect which encourages to read the post once again. One more thing is when I was reading I felt it is my story. The success of a writer is when the reader thinks the story is his or her. well done :-)

  2. Short yet interesting posts .Here, I have to agree YES, small changes in the way we think do make a large difference in our life

  3. Lovely post :)
    Keep up the good work Kavya :)