Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pink and Blue

Who got this concept of pink for girls and blue for boys? I don't get it. A year back my niece was so obsessed with this pink and blue concept that she din't wear blue for a very long time though she loves it more than any other color. 

At one point she refused to wear shorts and shirts 'cos she thought they were only for boys and she wanted to be girly. I don't understand kids nowadays. Not that i've spent lot of time trying to understand them. Its just that i've a eight year old girl at home who has crazy and amazing (rare) opinions and ideas about almost everything. When my friend Nisha and I talk about something that obviously a eight year old can't comprehend, she just nods her head and gives "been there, done that" expression. When i'm feeling low, she comes over to me and says things like "Don't worry, Just watch two and a half men.. Everything will be fine". Oh yes.. She watches Two and a Half Men and thinks Charlie's fun and Jake smart. 

She once fought with me in a restaurant 'cos i had placed her order by the time she was back from the restroom. Reason for fight : She wanted to take a look at the menu and decide and i have no right to choose food for others. I did learn my lesson that day but it also made me think about kids. 

Do kids now express themselves better than we did at their age? I think they do and i love it. 

my little monster/princess


  1. Not just color, even while watching cartoon on TV, boys like Ben10 & Girls Barbie :)

  2. Today's kids are way smarter..sometimes I feel intimidated and choose to keep my mouth shut, thinking, I may sound stupid in front of them.

    1. I know.. :-) when we can't answer their questions.. they look at us like we are stupid..

  3. i knw akshara prefers to wear clothes of her own choice these days ..she is just 2 n wants everything according to her..like pink pants,yellow bag..matching footwear ..i mean i had no choice but to wear d clothes my mom made me wear..

  4. Ha ha..:-) Exactly.. Mum always chose my clothes.. At 2 if akshara s fashion sense s so good.. Imagine in ten years..:-)