Thursday, October 11, 2012

Moment of change

Has any of you ever gone through something and felt that you've been through this before exact same way?

It can be anything. Like you walk in a particular lane, look at birds and a billboard and feel you have walked in this lane wearing same clothes, looking at the same birds and same board? I'm not sure if you guys get what i'm trying to say but i've felt this way so many times till now that  it worries me sometimes thinking i'm the only one to feel this way. 

They are not dreams or anything of that sort. Sometimes its like i would have had a vision about something not important and after many days it  would happen the same way and make me remember the vision. 

Though it worries me, it also makes me feel like i've a super natural power.. :-) My best friend is so used to me having these visions and going through it after few days, if i'm making a strange thinking face, she'll understand and leave me alone for few minutes and not ask about it 'cos its never about anything important.

Another strange thing about me is i have something called "Moment of Change". This happens to me when i'm crazy about things like a particular chocolate or a bag or something of that sort and all of a sudden i'll no more be interested in it. This actually happens in a minute or two. One minute i'm all crazy about Mysore Pak (South Indian sweet) and next minute i hate it. 

Does this happen to others as well or can i add this quality to my super natural powers?  Let me know.. :-)


  1. With me it's d same one moment I love to go out for dinner ..d very nxt moment I feel like hvng rasam rice at home ..crazy ..

  2. Hey this feel is called dejavu, Its a french word which means " already seen" it happens to 99% of humans, its the extension of our six sense, Gud that u get it, and remain Human :P

    1. oh god.. happens to 99 percent of people???? Now that doesn't make me feel special.. :-(