Tuesday, October 9, 2012

creepy crabs

I was in Pondicherry over the weekend with friends. Was actually shocked to find myself having fun at the beach 'cos i'm not into travelling and have never really liked beach. I know most of you would be thinking how that's possible and how sad i am. But i'm scared of lot of things and have not given too many things in life a try out of fear. Had fear of drowning in beach till now. I've kinda come out of it. So i will get over all of my other phobias one by one. I mean one in five years. 

The waves made me think about lot of stuff which i'm not able to put into words right now. Love how there are mild waves that don't really make you lose balance and then there are those that make you drown and give you near death feeling. Collecting sea shells at the beach was awesome. This was the first time i spent lot of time under the sun that made me happy. 

But fun kinda stopped once i saw the crabs. They give me creepy feelings. God. After that i just wanted to come back to my Bangalore. 

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