Friday, November 16, 2012

Thank you

Was talking to a friend of mine about how we never thank those who make our lives better everyday. It can be our cab drivers, facility guys at work, cafeteria guys and so many more. How many of us have ever thanked them? I haven't thanked them all enough is what I'm sure of.

I don't get what the problem here might be. Is it lack of expressing our feelings or just taking them for granted and don't see a point in thanking? Or if we get into the habit of thanking all those who help us everyday, will we be saying "Thank you" more than other words. I think to some extent we all do take them for granted. I know most of us don't mean that in bad way where we treat them differently. Its just that after few days we have an understanding with them and don't really think of thanking and apologizing. Just like how we take our family and friends for granted and don't go thanking them for everything. This understanding is good but once in a while its nice to acknowledge what they are doing for us.

I've heard my cab mate thank our driver everyday for the past seven months or more. I want to know how both feel about it. Will try to ask them about this. Has it become a habit to my cab mate to thank? Is driver hearing him thank everyday? How does he feel about every employee who travels in his cab thanking him everyday? Will he get irritated? I don't have the answers to these yet, but i do for one.

Will these questions make the driver uncomfortable while answering? YES 'cos my driver never speaks more than two words.. :-)


  1. This is one thing I do without fail..I thank every one who makes my life a little better..I even thank the auto driver after getting down from the auto everyday.. and the surprised smile that i get after thanking them, is what makes my day :-)